04/09/2014 update: I will be posting more on my newer blog, Silence of the Hummingbird (a random mix). However, follow here anyway…who knows what this will become? Thanks for stopping by! There’s some good stuff, sad stuff, juicy stuff, and beautiful stuff. Enjoy some stuff!

Ah, I see. I am supposed to say something about myself here, yes?

Ok. Except the purpose of this blog is to renew myself from a lost love, who isn’t quite lost enough for me not to think about her constantly. Constantly.

In my estimation, it has been enough time that I need to move forward.

But I don’t really want to, or I would have by now, right?

So, a little drama here, mixed in with some humor and romance. And tears, at least on my end, to help wash away the unwelcome longing.

More about me? I’d rather you enjoy the story, if you’re going to bother at finding out more about me.

She captured my heart. I gave her all of myself. So I pour myself out on these pages, this self that won’t be recovered, can’t be recovered. You’ll see why.

I will share with you myself in a poem, our favorite thing to do for each other ~

Amada minha

Where have you put my heart?

My soul, my smiles, my joy?

You forgot to return them to me

When we had to say good-bye

I cannot reach out to you

But I see you, watch you

In my heart, behind my eyes

I hold you secret

From everyone, even you now

You think I have gone

But synchronicity remains

As always, you are with me


Ah, well, it’s not the same without my muse, you know? She would understand every word of that.

This is Our story–well, my story, about Her.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. All truth in the poem above. Synchronicity still remains. I can feel you I can sense you embrace, I can see your beautiful hair and face, I can hear your open smile, I can feel your head on my shoulder and the warm tears on my blouse. I can See you the last time we talked. Just I did not new what had gone before or just before it. Beautiful Soul You are. Yr Best friend

    • Pourquoi avez-vous encore me suivre?
      Souvenirs retirés de ma portée
      Pris de moi par le temps et les circonstances
      Vous éloigner!
      Ne pas me tourmenter avec vos mots doux!
      Si vous allez, allez —
      Si non, alors dire que les mots que je veux entendre.

      Que dis-je?
      Je t’aimerai pour toujours
      Dire tous les mots qui viennent du fond du cœur
      Je suis à les écoute
      Pour vous, avec vous

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  5. It takes time, and no one can tell you how long, because that is artificial. I have found that it’s a combination of the right experiences that provide distance. However, after you do love someone, they are never completely gone.

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