Bubbles, Distance, Doctors. And Still I Move On

Hello. I’m back, but over here now. Shhhh…Just sharing thoughts. Join me if you’d like to.

Silence of the Hummingbird

So, I am back to writing, but a new chapter this time. Just me and my average life. A wife, mother, friend, professional, introvert.

And still I move on.

I have missed writing, getting all my thoughts out, being able to be as outrageous as I want to…which isn’t much for me…maybe honest is a better word. I have missed that I could say anything here and the words just float away from me. Maybe someone likes them. Maybe many skip over them. And I don’t care either way. It’s freeing.

So where am I, after all that happened? (Catch up here, if you dare.) Moving on, mostly. I still think of her often. My feelings for her are contained in a bubble that floats around me, separate but present. Sometimes that bubble pops, thanks to a sharp visual, olfactory or sensual memory, exploding its contents all over me…

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