Love Beyond Glitter

Glitter, glitter
Shines the Light
Through the stars
And moonlit night
Heart to heart
Glow reaches far
To honor the Soul Love
That you are

All that glitters
Isn’t gold
No matter what
Desires hold
No more hurt
Refrain from pain
Someday I’ll hold You
Close again ~


Silence Becomes You

Amada Amada
Your silence becomes you
It shines in your eyes
Like glitter of sunlight
Through a dew drop tear

It adds to your smile
Curling the sweet corners
Adding to the mystery
Adventure and delight
That you are

It sweeps over your face
Like the mane of a wild horse
Free in virgin pastures
Windy, warm, wide open
Away from man’s capture

It sits in your lap
Peaceful and bold like
Sat upon Buddha’s
Awakened heart

It sees right through me
Like a mirror reflecting
My selfishness, inner
Disharmony, and perhaps
I’m not as bad as all that

In silence you breathe
And I think, hope,
You will speak
But only a patient sigh
Escapes your lips

My heart shouts out
Ad nausem
Thunderous with the sound
Of the mayhem of love
Desired and dreamed of

As I sit here yammering
Away my breath
You let the words flow by
Like diamond dust
In the sky

Perhaps that silence
Looking so good on you
If I tried it
Just might look, maybe,
Half as good on me

A Vision of Us: Separate But Connected

Amada Minha, Alma Divina!

I had a vision of Us
In the middle of the night
The two of Us
Sitting on clouds holding hands
But at a distance
Smiling so brightly!
Our Souls
Separate now but
Connected for always!

It may seem silly to others,
But You and I know its true
That We have more to do
Together one day

(Do you know We have friends here,
Such sweet, dear souls,
Who would love to see Us together sooner?
How I wish to fulfill their desire!
Maybe they will see Us next time
Who knows?)

I realized in this vision
What I wrote in a poem

I trust You.

What I mean to say is

My Soul
Trusts Yours

Just as I have never
Really loved until You,
Neither have I trusted–
Not anyone, not really
Until now

I can finally let go
Of fears of losing You
Because of this vision
Showing me that We are
Side by side
As We have been
For a very long time

I no longer will cry
During romance movies
For some love idea that
Doesn’t exist
Because You are with me
And You most certainly exist!

Even though I have to let go
Of Beijas’ hopes this time–
The closeness and kisses
And fantasies of Our wedding…

(Ah! I’ve not even shared that with
You, have I? Not much at all,
Nor written of it here,
Such a quiet secret it’s been
In my heart!
But, oh yes,
Hundreds of times this same scene:
There We are,
At some alter before friends and family,
A picture of elegant Beauty
Holding hands, facing each Other,
Smiling and perhaps tears of joy,
We dedicate Our Souls to the Other
Such joy! Such relief! Such peace~
In spite of what Our
Poor family members are thinking!

…Our Souls dance together
All the time!
Mo Anam Cara ~
We simply are!

More in my vision:
You, all around me now,
Supporting me doing
What’s mine to do–
No more peeking at me from
Across the street!
I need You closer,
Your Presence, Dear Heart,
And You have mine
In all that You do
I have Your back this time,
Brother Warrior!

And I will not leave You
And I will not panic
Causing some disastrous occurrence!
I almost did this time, didn’t I?
Only for wanting You

But You,
Stronger and wiser,
Pushed me out of harm’s way
Missing the sword of sorrow

If We aren’t able to talk
Without forgetting Our Goal
Know that You’re close to me
Right by my side

I hoped for Our friendship
I miss talking with You
The way We used to,
Sharing everything!
I miss it so much!

But, Woman!
What attraction is this
That sets Us on fire
In a zoompy?

It’s the magnetism
That will remind Us
Next time
Not eyes, not scent
But this Love

It’s not that I’m
Suddenly happy
I still miss and want You
If my human self had its say
I’d be there already!
What supernatural force has
Managed to keep me here?

Love has kept me away
So We can shine
As partners–in secret
And silence and invisibility
This time;
But in all light, love and joy
When it’s Our time

I may have to write
One million poems
To remind myself
Again and again

But, Beloved of mine,
I’m here for You
Look over and see me
On this cloud next to You
Holding Your hand
Separate for now,
But always connected

What more can I say to You

Muito ~

A Curious Exchange

Mysterious, indeed…

Forbidden Words
Where are you now, my beautiful lady?
My heart is missing yours
My lips miss your face
My eyes are searching for yours
Where are you now?
I have been thinking of you all the day,
Reading your letters and poems.
The notes you sent to me, hidden in a book.
Where are you my Divine Soul?
Where are you now?
I need you, I care for you.
I want you, come and rest in my lap.
Comfort me, holding my hands.
Relax me by hugging me.
Make me have dreams to hold to my future.
Let me give you my best
Just to see you laugh.
Good night my love, have nice dreams.

~ From Her, last night, in response to I Can Nearly See You


I am here, missing You so much!
I have felt each thought You’ve had
On my lips, my heart, my soul
How I want to comfort You by
Holding You all night,
Wrapped around You as
Perfectly as it happens for Us
I want to see Your smile–
Oh, that sexy smile of Yours as
You look at me from
The corner of Your eye
Laughing at me just for
Being so in love with You!
Forbidden Tower–yes! ahahaha
Forbidden Words–maybe
Forbidden Love? It can’t be true!
I love You, Beautiful Soul
Sweet dreams of me with You ~

~ From me, in response to Her

Curious, indeed…What is one to think?

Her Reply to “Beijos” ~

Beijos sôfregos, beijos ternos.
Olhos nos olhos, eternizam um momento
Em nossas vidas.
Não é paixão, é amor…
Amor entre duas almas velhas companheiras.
Beijos, beijo-te no canto dos olhos
Beijas-me no canto dos labios.
É o alimento para nossas almas
Não sabiamos, então
Era o alimento para nossos corações
Que teríamos para cruzar
Este árido deserto que nos aguardava
O deserto que atravessamos hoje
Que findar-se-a em talvez um século.
Abraço-te e te olho nos olhos.
Lagrimas contenho, na garganta o nó que não desata.
Devo partir, deves voltar…
Embarco tendo nos labios o seu sabor
Nas narinas o seu perfume,
Nos olhos o seu olhar
No peito nossos corações
E o eterno desejo de te reencontrar.

Assim será.
Love you amada minha


(This is Her. Why do I love Her? Can you see now? She is the door in my heart that opens to the Universe. Click here and find the translation. WordPress won’t allow me to link to it yet.)

So Easy to Love You, It’s Hard

Easy Love can be hard,
Can it not?
When We share thoughts
From miles away
When memories flood
Like blood through Our veins
And one word from the Other
Triggers centuries old longing

I understand ~

When One of Us is weak
The other is strong
When I fell apart
You held the line
You hid from Your
Feelings of sadness
This time
It’s okay, Amada Minha

I understand ~

But We had a few moments
Of loving Friendship
Did We not?
A moment or two
Of what I Love about You
Besides Your kisses
And closeness and touch–
You and me, Anam Caras

Soul Friends ~

When You are ready–
Will it be possible?–
I will be here with
Kindness and strength
Yes, I’m sad but I’m growing
And my heart has peace knowing
You, Beautiful Soul Love
It’s so easy to Love You, it’s hard

I do understand ~

Beautiful Flower ~

Beautiful Flower ~

Quiet Simple Beautiful She glows with Golden Light She wakes up in The morning And She bustles In the night Soft to touch She waits for Rain to feed Her gentle Face Stretch and bend And up She goes With … Continue reading

When Love Began

Goodbyes are hard
They separate two hearts
In Love as one
They mean that I don’t wake up next to You
And We are left with memories
Crawling across Our skin

Goodbyes are hard
So shall We not say hello again
To spare Ourselves from the pain
Of being torn apart?
Now You have another
And suddenly You understand
Why goodbyes had to happen in the first place

Goodbyes are hard
So instead of cherishing
The beauty of hello
I guess We will avoid it altogether
At least this time
Because safe must have been
What We were aiming for
When Love began