A Heart with a Mind of Its Own ~

Missing You, Darling Soul,
And can’t bring myself to tell You
that I stay away from email
While entertaining thoughts of
Obtaining a visa! Shhhhhh!

No one would miss me
For just a month or two,
Would they? Maybe not
If they knew I was with You
In joy and love and peace?

Ah, I stay away from that email
Lest I open the box my heart is in
Allowing it the chance it awaits
To pour out all over the universe
Filling first a soul promise to You

The lava of my feelings is hot today
Steaming, spitting, boiling fitfully!
I have been diligent, oh yes,
Cooling it down with reason
Breathing, compassion, patience

But it has a mind of its own, You know?
Or at least a heart all its own
And since the heart pumps the blood
And the blood moves the muscles
Who knows what I might do?

I Didn’t Write This

Oh, I was so strong today!
Overcome by a wave of missing adorable Her,
My emotions rising like lava in a volcano
(She would say)
I wanted to come here and post Her a poem
Telling you all how much I was missing Her today

But I didn’t!

I was so strong!
I didn’t come here and write about Her,
How I could feel Her warm kisses on my lips and neck
How I could feel my hand on Her waist, pulling her close
How during my meetings at work I imagined Her
In the chair next to me with that smile of Hers
And Her looking at me with those knowing eyes
That I could not help but lean forward to kiss Her!

I didn’t rush to my computer and write all these images
Describing the feel of Her lips on mine
How much I miss them and the rest of Her too
I didn’t write about Her sexy deep voice
Or Her laugh that fills me with delight
Or waking to Her kisses or Her breath on my skin
Or holding Her hand for a three hour ride
Or turning off the movie to instead be kissing

I didn’t! I was so strong!

I pushed all those ideas right out of my head
I focused on my work and ignored the pangs
In my stomach and heart and right through my arms
That still long to hold Her tightly to me.

Yes, I was so strong today!
So strong.

Er, yeah…I was…strong…Image