The Creation of Lilith, Revisited

3/3…Ta da! Last reblog and post for however long it takes…This is my favorite whimsical thing I have written. It came so easily…but, it’s a borrowed story, so why wouldn’t it?
Anyway, I was thinking…Since I won’t be posting here for a time, why don’t you all take a prompt or two here…For example, why don’t one of you write about love needing a thermostat, so when it gets too hot, we can turn it down, and when it gets too cold, we can turn it up, keeping it at around 80 F / 26.7 C (too hot for Her, just right for me). That way, instead of having an affair with someone or cutting them off altogether, you can adjust your love thermostat to just the right temperature so you don’t have to remove someone special from your life because your husband doesn’t ever want you to have any form of contact with them ever again, and you can instead maintain that wonderful friendship that gets created between two people who seem like twin souls dancing on the stars…Yeah…why don’t you write about that?
Or, here’s another one to think about, a bit more profound and esoteric than the above prompt: Why not write about how when we are so micro-focused on one person, it is like looking at the world through a pinhole, seeing only a small bit of the universe; but as we expand that love to all of humanity, that pinhole opens like a sphincter to let light and love shine fully in both directions…I’m sure one of you can expand beautifully on that.
I’ll be waiting to read what you come up with! In the meantime, I will be quiet. Enjoy this silly story, a familiar one…with a twist…


(Inspired by this past week, reconnecting with Her and cracking a rib in the midst of it. Both really hurt.)

Then God looked around and saw what He created. And He said that it was good.

But after a while of watching the wild things hunt, eat and procreate, God became bored.

From the dust and the dirt, He created Adam, and He called Adam good enough.

Adam wandered the meadows and the hills quite aimlessly, not knowing what to do.

God saw this and felt great love for His creation and said, “My son, I see that you are not quite knowing what to do with yourself. I shall give you a companion who will be different from you, that you shall together be entertained by those differences, complimenting each other for all your days together.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” replied Adam.

“Just one thing, I shall create your…

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Song by Nina Nakamura: Water Under the Bridge

song: water under the bridge.

Reblog #1 out of 3 before I really, really stop posting for a while (don’t get your undies in a wad, people)…

I have never reblogged someone’s post before, so I’m not sure if I am doing this right…There is a link above these words. Click on it because you need to hear this song by fellow blogger Nina Nakamura, incredible musician and most excellent individual, I can just tell. Watch for her album coming out sometime worldwide, right, Nina? 🙂  Enjoy. It is a spiritual experience.

(My next post, 2/3, is her other song that she has posted…)

Thanks, Nina! You are my people! What genre would you say best describe your songs?

A Hiatus from Love Indulgences

Have you ever heard the riddle, “If you have a red dog and a white dog, which one will grow?”

The answer, of course, is, “The one you feed.”


Well, you see, I created this blog not to lead you on, friendly followers, but only as my own processing space as I tried to release Her, but ended up telling Her about it, then using it to profess my persistent affections for Her, then used it to grieve Her, full circle.


And, as fond of you all as I have become–your writing, your comments and compassion, your good hearts and minds–I have to admit to myself that I post here still desiring response from Her. And as long as I have that underlying motive, I am feeding my desire for Her in all, which makes it quite difficult for me to be present with my “real” life, where I am a woman you know less about than what I reveal here. It also pulls on Her feelings, which is quite insensitive on my part.

I am sad to go, really. I’ve not written so many poems since I was that awkward tall girl in high school, so many years ago. This has been delightful… Loving Her is delightful…

<Ahem.>But, alas, if you knew 1) how much I truly miss Her (and you may have a sense of it, if you have been reading anything that has been posted here at all, but for a couple of poems on spiders and minivans), and 2) how posting here only challenges me to elicit some small response from Her, then you would understand why I must back away for a while. It is too painful, and too tempting, all at once. And November is simultaneously too close and too far away. (Sorry…only She will understand that last sentence.)

So, thank you for all of your support. Keep doing what you love. Feel free to browse around this blog. There are pages and pages of love, and my writing is not too bad most days. In fact, there is one story I had the best time writing which I will reblog shortly, to give it one last hurrah. It is one of my favorites, and forgive me for saying that I am rather proud of its silliness-with-a-point, even thought the point is no longer valid (and wasn’t fully valid when I wrote it–but it was still fun).

So, farewell, my unintentional blogger family! All the best to you. It is time for me to write less, release more.

And to You, Amada Minha, I will love you deeply every day, for always ~


Things She Said

She said to me,
Not demanding,
Only reflecting,
“I deserve to be cherished.”

Ah, Beloved Soul,
Do You know that You are?

She said to me,
Not accusing,
Only observing,
“You have me on a pedestal.”

Yes, Divine Woman,
On the pedestal of my heart!

She said to me,
Hungry, reaching,
Soul expanding,
“I love life, you know?”

Known from the start, Adventurer Butterfly!
And I will let You live it ~

One of Those Days

I am riding this day out
Trying to stay on top of
The wave of emotion that
Wants to consume me

I hold my arms out wide
My eyes looking forward
To balance on the board
Of my unbalanced heart

I know under the tow
Jagged rocks await me
One lazy flinch and I fall
Cut to pieces by love

All my focus is needed
All my strength called forth
To avoid the call of those
Sparkling rocks below

It’s just one of those days
When I ignore the calls
Of that warm salty water
Of Her skin