Human Arts


As I sit here for martial arts testing
(A once-every-two-month$ event)
What a beautiful sea of humanity
Surrounds me as we watch
Our collective children
Kick and punch through boards

Included in those I can identify
By face or sound of language
(Please forgive in advance any P.C. errors):
Eastern Indian
Middle Eastern
None-too-plain Americans,
descended from somewhere

An ocean of beauty, these faces
With smiles and cameras and pride
No surprise that it’s our children
Who bring us together today

Gentle Reminder

In between
     300 calories
  of Greek yogurt
           meetings and
        another text and
phone calls
   visiting with
        office mates
     in the kitchen
for coffee
   planning agendas
       dealing with futility
 of social media –

By the window,
A piece of life
Reminding me
To breathe
Reminding me
To be gentle
With myself,
With others
Reminding me
That peace comes
In stillness
Reminding me
To love ~

Culminate My Core

Who am I?
I have forgotten for some time
Am I his?
Am I Hers?
Am I mine?

My core had been
I was drifting,
Bouncing on the waves
Of self-deluding fears

Now I stand on the shore
I watch the waves
Crashing but
No longer
Pulling me down

I listen but only hear
The roar of the ocean
In my mind
Quiet, quiet
Make the effort

The fork in the channel
Of energy in me
Beckons toward Light
Let go, let go
End the fight