Slow and Steady


As much as I love this engagement,
It is back to the work at hand!
Back to my purpose and every day life
To be more like the turtle
Who notices not whether you notice him
Nor cares not whether you care about him
(In fact, he assumes you don’t!)
Nor worries about the opinions of others
Whether they like his shell
Or the way he swims in the water
(You might think he’s slow,
But he sees himself as quite efficient!)
It’s time for me to focus upon
The life right under my nose
The call within my heart
And the duties that I chose

(For you, Amada Minha, to honor your wishes ~)


Winter Warning


Please pardon all the flowers
That I’ve been posting lately
I just want small reminders
Once winter comes ’round again
That things were once alive
And vibrant colors still exist
Outside of blankets of white
With dirty trims of grey from
The spray of salted wheels
Outlines of dark branches whose
Leaves have long ago fallen
Swept away by wind and rakes
And loud motorized contraptions
Winter is not too far away
And I shudder at the thought
Of waking once again to the
Gentle whiteness of cold flakes
Covering–well, everything!
And blackbirds brave enough
(Or dumb enough) to stick around
Shoveling that once was fun
Becoming the bane of existence
Heavy coats and sweaters
Filling drawers and closets
To overflowing
And the greyness of skies
Lasting day after day causing
Smiles of populations
To disappear just a bit
Due to lack of warmth and
Vitamin D
So if you will please indulge me
For a while longer
As I soak in the joy and soul food of
A certain kind of deciduous nature
And share it here where I can return
To remember that nothing lasts
Forever but love

Loveliness on Main Street


Can I just stare at you
For a while
At the joy you bring
So simply?

Hundreds of people
Pass by
Do they notice you
As I do?

Are you reaching out
For a kiss
From the one you love,
The sun you love?

Ready to twirl, opening
Your gorgeous attire
Bringing conscious or unconscious
Delight to diners

And shoppers on this
Bustling avenue
Do you dream while you wait
Of blooming

Or sharing grand adventures
With lovers and friends
Across oceans and lands
And meadows?

Perhaps your simple beauty requires
Simple being
Dependent on those who care
How you grow

Beholding, Breathing, Being Love ~

What beauty is this
That captures my heart
At the first sight?

Simpleness of being–
Can it be so easy
To be filled with love?

Such joy infills me
And makes me believe–
Is it true?

Is it possible?–
That love is available
At a glance

Always present
Never depleted
My only job

Is to let it flow!
One small reminder
To breathe and be love ~