She Left Her Skin on Me


I saw Her one last time
She came to have Her say
And Her say was “Good-bye.
I will be here if ever you wake up
And change your mind.

“For you are not what you think–
Not a lover of two, but One,
And I will always know this about you
No matter what image you project
To that world that listens to you.”

And with that, She turned
And flew out the window,
My heart in Her hands
My soul in Her heart
But leaving Her skin on mine.


Love in the Corner of My Eye

Looking before me, I move about my day
Celebrating a birthday, paying bills, taking a walk
But out of the corner of my eye You are there
Your face close to mine, I feel your breath
Missing You hums constantly as the bass of my song
Filling the spaces with steady rhythm
My heart cries to You, “I miss You, Amada Minha!
You are a jewel in my eye, immovable!”
My head says, “Shhh…Let Her be. Let yourself be.
Let your Love flow through time and space
But in the presence of what is.
Nothing can ever separate what is Real!”