Slow and Steady


As much as I love this engagement,
It is back to the work at hand!
Back to my purpose and every day life
To be more like the turtle
Who notices not whether you notice him
Nor cares not whether you care about him
(In fact, he assumes you don’t!)
Nor worries about the opinions of others
Whether they like his shell
Or the way he swims in the water
(You might think he’s slow,
But he sees himself as quite efficient!)
It’s time for me to focus upon
The life right under my nose
The call within my heart
And the duties that I chose

(For you, Amada Minha, to honor your wishes ~)


Love Flows Unimpeded

Love fills me
Pouring unimpeded
Through this body
This heart
This soul

No silence
Nor distance
No illusion
Nor delusion
Dissuades it

No farewell
No greeting
Changes the
Flow of Love

“Love is nothing if it is not spontaneous.”
~ Meher Baba