Hey, Mr. Neuroscientist, I Hope You Don’t Mind

Hello, Mr. Neuroscientist
How wonderful to meet you
I hope you don’t mind
But I couldn’t help noticing you
From across the room

Dear Mr. Neuroscientist
Tell me everything you’ve learned
I hope you don’t mind
But I can’t help wanting to
Know everything about you

Handsome Mr. Neuroscientist
What does love do to the brain?
I hope you don’t mind
But I think I fell in love with you
From the moment I caught your eye

Beloved Mr. Neuroscientist
Can you tell me why I feel this way?
I hope you don’t mind
But I have the urge to take you away
And share my life with you ~

2 thoughts on “Hey, Mr. Neuroscientist, I Hope You Don’t Mind

  1. My dear beautiful and young Lady. I saw you there looking at me with those two bright and green eyes. I wondered what could it mean? Such a great interest on an old researcher. I could not help to look to your left 4th finger, I did not know why? And, yes I saw a golden ring shinning there. A shivering passed through my back and the hairs of my body turned up. I felt like a cat having a big dog comming after me. But now you write to me and show your interest about neuroscience. Very good question you asked. Love, true love is a very healing feeling. It can make miracles. But, sometimes, if not shared it can be devastating. Anyway I myself love to be in love to a certain Lady I met very very long ago. It makes me feel stronger, confident and creative. I love that lady my Young Lady, with all the cords of my heart and hearing from her that she is fine and healthy makes me enjoy life. Are you satisfied with my answer? Yours neuroscienti.

    • Ah, my Beloved Neuroscientist, I am never satisfied! Ahahaha! I always want more from you, even if I haven’t been able to give enough to you. I will repay my debt to you, of that I am sure. Next time, anything that rests on my finger will be from you. Is that too presumptuous? With love from your adoring and vulnerable student of neuroscience ~ 😉

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