Abandoned by Love? Look Deeper


When you think love has abandoned you
It has not
When you think you are alone
You are not
When you reach out for that hand
You thought would always be there
Reach inside, it is there

When you think you’ve been forgotten
You have not
When you feel you haven’t made a difference
You have
When you feel your heart will burst from longing that you feel
Rise up, you will be filled

When you think the answer lies in someone else
It definitely does not
When you cherish something and think it disappears
It does not
When a person chooses differently and you think it makes you less
Think again, of your own light

When you make decisions from your senses
Look deeper
When you have a soul connection that seems severed
It is not
When you think you have the answer because the moment feels so right
Listen within, there might be more

Your heart has it right

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