Woman in the Tree

Chained in past
Was I once
To the tree

Tree of Life
Tree of Love
Tree of Loss

I believed
I was the one
Holding the tree

So tightly held
Two seemed one
Who was I?

I saw myself
As the leaves
Green and new

But they fell
To the ground
Still was I

Perhaps I grew
As the blooms
Scented strong

But the petals
Blew away
Leaving me

The branches!
Then I thought
Myself to be

But ’twas still I
Looking ‘long
Their withered bows

Surely the trunk
Steadfast and wide
Must I be

To weather
Many changes
Around I see

Yet one observes
The solid core
Who am I?

For this time
I have been
Searching deep

Even roots
Essence true

Dissolving this
Entire self,
Dream of dreams

I will find
Forsaking earth
Once I dwell

Beyond the leaves
Beyond the blooms
Beyond branches

Beyond the trunk
Beyond the roots
Beyond the earth

To see true
Purpose was
Never to love

Those green leaves
Scented blossoms
Outstretched bows

Substantial trunk
Thirsty roots
Nutritious ground

Rather for all
To dissolve
In the All



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