Sun, Wind, Rain, and Earth
Were arguing nonsense one day
On the topic of who might possibly be
The most grand in the limited eyes
Of humankind..

“I,” touted Sun, “warm the lands
Giving light to all things dark!
I give shelter from bitter cold,
Yet can be strong and fierce as I burn!
No doubt ’tis I that is most grand!”

“Grand, indeed,” agreed Wind,
“There is no doubt. Yet I, with my subtle dance,
Can soften your burn, spread incense across the land,
And blow away sorrow and destruction in a single day!
Surely and humbly say I, I am the grandest!”

“Sun, your power scorches; Wind, your breeze cools,”
Said Rain. “Yet who gives fresh water to the thirsty?
Who gives the plants and animals the most precious gift?
Without the waters that I bring, none survive!
What more to discuss? My value speaks for itself!”

Earth, quiet through the soliloquies, finally spoke:
“All is true; each has value not one can deny.
Yet answer this: What good does your light do, Sun?
What is it your breath blows, Wind? Or your water quenches, Rain?
For without me, none would have any value at all!”

And so the discussion continued, on and on.
Who was the brightest, most needed, most loved
By ephemeral humans in all the lands, high and low;
Yet all the while, the Universe smiled,
Holding them all in the palm of Its hand.


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