~ When Love First Encountered Us ~

You are away
But my Love keeps flowing
In Your silence
My desire keeps growing

Have I lost my Love
Soul forever?
Or only for the time
It takes

To postpone what
Should flourish?
Should I fear?
Should I cry?

Shall I ignore
The inner promptings?
Within is a sensible
Self that knows

With trust of
One thousand lifetimes!
I am Yours

Then, Now, Later
But Now would be
A refreshing drink

Of water from the
Universe where Love
First encountered Us
Assigning the burden

We carry now
Too heavy for even
Two Hearts who Love
This much


3 thoughts on “~ When Love First Encountered Us ~

  1. “In your silence, my love keeps growing.” Yes, isn’t that the way? We cannot control another’s love nor can we control our own. My girlfriend says sometimes to me, during a spat, Why do you want to be with me? My only answer is, I can’t control how you love me; I only have power over how I love you. The heart wants what the heart wants. She’s my first thought on awakening, and most often the last one filling my head at night.

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