I Can Nearly See You

Our Moon

I can nearly see the whole moon
When I look up in the sky
The brightness of the face there
Mocks me from on high

If I could reach and touch him
I’d swing upon his brow
And jump into the land where
You are resting now

3 thoughts on “I Can Nearly See You

  1. Forbiden Words
    Where are you now, my beatful lady?
    My heart is missing your’s
    My lips miss your face
    My eyes are searching for yours
    Where are you now?
    I have been thinking of you all the day,
    Reading your letters and poems.
    The notes you sent to me, hidden in a book.
    Where are you my Divene Soul?
    Where are you now?
    I need you, I care for you.
    I want you, come and rest in my lap.
    Comfort me, holding my hands.
    Relax me by hugging me.
    Make me have dreams to hold to my future.
    Let me give you my best
    Just to see you laugh.
    Good night my love have nice dreams.

    • I am here, missing You so much!
      I have felt each thought You’ve had
      On my lips, my heart, my soul
      How I want to comfort You by
      Holding You all night,
      Wrapped around You as
      Perfectly as it happens for us
      I want to see Your smile–
      Oh, that sexy smile of Yours as
      You look at me from
      The corner of Your eye
      Laughing at me just for
      Being so in love with You!
      Forbidden Tower–yes! ahahaha
      Forbidden Words–maybe
      Forbidden Love? It can’t be true!
      I love You, Beautiful Soul
      Sweet dreams of me with You ~

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