Weird Creature Weekend

Reblogging this because dumb WordPress sets the publishing time for when I started writing, not finished. Duh.

Silence of the Hummingbird

Last night at dinner, teenage daughter had us in tears of laughter as she described her first experience of lemmings in a biology class.

These cute little Arctic rodents were shown in the biology class video to be jumping off a cliff in mass suicide fashion. The other girls in class were like “Awwwww”, while teenage daughter, being the perpetually eccentric child that she is, burst out laughing at the site.

“WHAT? What kind of survival mechanism makes you jump off a cliff?” teenage daughter asked through her laughter. Why was no one else asking that question?

The video purported that lemmings have an innate sense of overpopulation and some will sacrifice themselves for the sake of the group’s survival by high-diving off the nearest arctic cliff.

We had lots of fun trying to determine how the lemmings decide whose civic duty it is to suicide. Are they marked, like Damien from The…

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