March Forth, Little Child


Come here, poor little child

You fell into the hole again, did you?

In spite of knowing better,

You fell prey to illusion

Poor, poor little child!

Do not cry for your ignorance

Simply learn what you need to

Pick yourself up and march forth!

You are still here

You have breath in your lungs

And blood in your veins

You aren’t finished yet

You have much to do

But do not worry, child

That which speaks within you

Sees from the mountaintop

I AM here guiding you

You are a good listener

But your following needs work

One step at a time I guide you

Do not leap because you think you know

Where I am taking you

Take the step given to you, then the next,

Then the next, then the next

I AM leading you where you need to go

Trust only Me

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