So Easy to Love You, It’s Hard

Easy Love can be hard,
Can it not?
When We share thoughts
From miles away
When memories flood
Like blood through Our veins
And one word from the Other
Triggers centuries old longing

I understand ~

When One of Us is weak
The other is strong
When I fell apart
You held the line
You hid from Your
Feelings of sadness
This time
It’s okay, Amada Minha

I understand ~

But We had a few moments
Of loving Friendship
Did We not?
A moment or two
Of what I Love about You
Besides Your kisses
And closeness and touch–
You and me, Anam Caras

Soul Friends ~

When You are ready–
Will it be possible?–
I will be here with
Kindness and strength
Yes, I’m sad but I’m growing
And my heart has peace knowing
You, Beautiful Soul Love
It’s so easy to Love You, it’s hard

I do understand ~

6 thoughts on “So Easy to Love You, It’s Hard

  1. I was in a relationship with a beautiful girl who lived in Canada, and I live in Nazi—, I mean USA. After 3 years it was over, she posted her new boyfriend’s pic embracing her on facebook, I blocked her and sulked and tried to remember all the bad times, but if she knew I do appreciate our time together, if I could tell her that and then let it go, I’d feel better. Easier said than done? Sorta. It’s an Ego B.S. thing, I know that. Good poem. Hit home. I bet I write her a note b/c of these words.

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