Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures

Please come to me
How I miss You
Oh, so much!
You’ve been gone
From me too long!
I’m desperate
For Your touch!

My face needs
Your sweet warmth
My nose needs
Your fresh scent
My hands wring
While waiting here
In lament!

Your silence
Makes me quite sad
Your absence
Makes me so blue
I think You really
Don’t know how
Much I truly do
Love You!

Please, show me
Your face
Please give me
A sign
Let the coldness blow
Far, far away
I know with You
I will be fine!

(Oh, Sunshine, where are You? It is supposed to be springtime, Darling! Did You forget? Come, feel my love for You, and let me feel Yours for me, won’t You, please? You can’t leave me here forever in the cold–I know You better than that. See? I will even sing for You, my Beloved, Heavenly Body, because that is how in love with You I am, okay? Okay.)

4 thoughts on “Desperate Measures

  1. My heart is bleeding
    Tears willing up into my eyes
    A not in my throat
    And memories in my mind.
    Ah divine Soul how I wish
    To be there just to see you
    Release your feelings of despair
    And soothe you, calming you down.
    I have to heal my heart once again
    Far from you quit and searching for peace
    Immerse in cosmic light
    Flouting in the cosmic éther
    Evolved by the universal consciousness
    The highest love of God.
    There I find peace in my Soul
    There I sense your love inside my heart.
    There I can love you with the best love
    I ever felt before.
    Anon to Linda

    • Find that Love in you, Beautiful Soul. There only do we get to be together this time. My love is always with you. I am sorry we have to be apart to share what we have. Love you always ~

    • When you heal you, You heal me too I’ll heal myself To support you Transmute our hearts To their highest light Oneness of Love Joy of two Souls

      The consciousness Of our Love grows. Anam Cara you Anam Cara me Love of the universe Beyond human reach Always in you Always in me We’ll be


  2. Reblogged this on Silence of the Hummingbird and commented:
    Ok, I am sharing this over here to see if you all can get the humor, since it went missed in its original posting…HINT: I’m talking about the sun. The real sun that is in the sky. It’s not about Her this time, I swear. I know it *sounds* like it, and I know I do write about Her ALL the time (you guys are lucky here…it’s way more intense on Beijas proper), and I know I have even referred to Her as the sun…but this time, really, it’s about the hot ball of burning heat that makes you sweat…Yeah, still sounds like Her, doesn’t it? But it’s not. I am breaking the artists rule and telling you straight up…it’s about the goddamn sun!

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