Culminate My Core

Who am I?
I have forgotten for some time
Am I his?
Am I Hers?
Am I mine?

My core had been
I was drifting,
Bouncing on the waves
Of self-deluding fears

Now I stand on the shore
I watch the waves
Crashing but
No longer
Pulling me down

I listen but only hear
The roar of the ocean
In my mind
Quiet, quiet
Make the effort

The fork in the channel
Of energy in me
Beckons toward Light
Let go, let go
End the fight

4 thoughts on “Culminate My Core

  1. Love is pain, be in love mean acceptance.
    As the ocean waves comeand kiss the shore, sometimes
    It gets stronger and take the sand away,
    So do love whem it starts it bring you
    A magic moment, soon after, it turns you apart
    Splitting you in a million bloody pieces.
    It erouds you from the very botton of your soul to the surface of your skin.
    There is no an ideal love.
    There is not a fulfillment that it can bring
    Dont expect it will bring it to you.
    If you do,
    You are condemned to eluded yourself.
    To love some you need to have resilience

    • Sim, Borboleta. I had this revelation in these past few days. Forgiveness means acceptance of the discrepancies desire for love brings. Obrigada, Beautiful, Wise Soul ~

  2. Adrift on fear…hmmm. Quite accurately described. Let that ocean sweep you clean, wash it all away, start anew. I find the ocean to be quite a powerful mistress in and of itself. Peace.

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