The Universe Is Stronger Than Me

The Universe told Us
Through dreams and intuition
“Not this time, Ladies!”
Sometimes We listened
But Love and will were strong

But the Universe is stronger

I would tell my Love of karma
She would tell me of free will
Sometimes I had to walk away
Sometimes, this time, She did

Ah, yes, the Universe is Strong!
Always guiding toward the plan
Even if sometimes We want to
Or think We can change it
The Universe will laugh
And push Us back into Our places!

But if I cooperate, if She does, too
With this wise Universe
It will have to listen to Us
It will have to heed Our desire

“They renounced,” it will have to say
“And loved, not just each Other,
But all those who were Theirs to love.”
And the Universe will have to
Measure the pull of Our desire
And bring Us together
Not for reward but necessity
To fulfill an ancient and current
Desire to love together

Yes, the Universe is stronger than me
Fortunately I am smart enough
(Even if slooooow to accept)
To cooperate in between my thrashes and tears
Like a bull fighting for its independence
Yet, ultimately knows who feeds it
I turn back to the pasture that is mine
Smelling the flowers, chewing the grass
Planted for me long ago

The Universe is smarter than me
And knows the Divine timing
The perfect time and place
To bring together two Souls
Who Love

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