My Dragon

Behind me is a door that’s closed
But my dragon wants it open
He wants to breathe his passionate fire
Of love and hurt and rage
He wants to burn that door down
And destroy anything in his way
But I won’t let him

He guards a treasure box
Full of my heart that’s broken
Open by the only One Who held
The key I forgot existed
Open and vulnerable now it lies
While my dragon reels with every
Pain and elation

When his fire is warm and inviting
He wants to abandon his cage
Set free to be with his true Mate
And live in the wide open world
Flying high with Her in the skies
Where he watches Her flying
And She watches him

But now, just as plans have shifted
Creating an opening for him to fly free
I sent Her a letter offering my all
But I can’t allow myself to open Her reply
She’s fed me back my own words
Too often for me to take
One more rejection

Affairs were good enough for me
But not for Her now I see
My spouse deserved it, but not Hers
I was worth it once but now I’m not
My life could break apart but not Hers
The rules are different depending on the
Direction of the wind

This poor dragon of mine thrashes
In his cold cage of rage
I have to wait until he sleeps again
So I can enter with quiet haste
And close the box that holds my heart
And throw away the useless key into the
Separating sea

Oh, this dragon, filled with sorrow
Breathing fire out his nose
Slashing walls with his mighty tail
Would never again let me approach my mail
Without breaking out never to be calmed again
By soothing words of reassurance
I won’t let him

7 thoughts on “My Dragon

  1. Oh how well I remember that direction of the wind and its changing moods. Good luck. I actually did hang in there, time after time, hurt after hurt, until the wind finally changed in my direction but it was a long and painful road. Yes, good luck and hang on tight.

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