You Really Believed That?!

Do You really believe
Those words that I said?
Those words about patience
And waiting to see You again?
Those words that seemed so
Sensible and wise and mature?
Did you really believe that
I’m all calm and collected
While facing the self who’s
This distant from You?
Did You really believe
I’m not missing You?
Not dreaming each night
Of being with You?
Did You really believe
My sensible words
Said when the lava of
My emotions was cool?
Did You really believe
Sweet Soul of Mine?
I thought You knew me
Better than that!


2 thoughts on “You Really Believed That?!

  1. No, my divine Soul, I didn’t. That’s why we will not see each other again this life time Cause neither do I would hold myself back if you were near me again. I won’t resist to touch you softly, sensing the warmth of your skin. I won’t seeing your lips so close, at the reach of my fingers and my own lips without wanting to pull you to me and kiss you for 6h consecutively and more… I won’t believe you my dear Colibri and these is I most am afraid, cause soon after We would have to say Goodbye once more with our hearts bleeding. And I tell you that seeing you now is a nonsense, insanity of our being this time. Love to your Soul beloved Colibri.

    • I’m not sure whether to be reassured by your words of love, or brokenhearted all over again. One day I am at peace, the next day conspiring and conspiring. Perhaps it is most compassionate if not least desired for our souls this time to not see each other again. I am not happy about it. Not one bit. But I have been reading your words on the Anam Cara post again and again for comfort. My work has been releasing you this time, seeing myself pass a threshold but having to let go of your hand. I have not been able to do it, even though I have to let it go this time so I am free to meet you again. But I will do it somehow. Because being with you is what I desire above anything else in my Soul’s Heart. I love you, Beloved Soul, so, so, so much ~

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