I Believe (Get Over Yourself)

Sorry for the repeated post here and here. Just had to share this powerhouse voice and the inspiring lyrics. For You ~

Silence of the Hummingbird

I Believe (Get Over Yourself)
by Nico Vega

I was standing, in the corner
and you opted to come over.
You said “c’mon girl, join the party.
You look lonely”
and then suddenly I replied
I said,

I’m afraid of almost everything I’m not sure
what kinds of songs to sing and when I met you, you made me think
that I could be almost anything
that I could rise above it all endlessly
and you brought me back to life

I believe, I believe, I believe that this is
your life and it can move you
You believe that things are better when
left unsaid but you’re a fool cause you
don’t believe in anything good
it happened to the people it should
But I believe in you, so get over yourself.

Well no one, had ever spoken
to me like that
and yeah it kinda turned me on

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