Butterfly Bonsai Love Across Time

(By Hannah, a fifth grader)

Oh my! Today I am the happiest woman in the world!
Her Love for me is truer than true,
Willing to stand the test of time!
In letting me go, I know that She loves me!
I know that She knows the depths of my love!
Even as my heart is crying and tears are flowing,
I feel Her in my heart more than ever!

Ah, do you believe in other lifetimes?
If not, scroll on–you won’t comprehend
Such a love that reaches beyond human limits!
But, if you do, if you have a heart that
Understands, then you know
Such depths of feeling cannot be explained
Any other way but beyond what we see!

And so, one year ago, March 1, 2013
I began this blog of love for Her
Sometimes trying to release
Something I would never be able to
Other times expressing my love in words too weak
But here this love remains for all of cyber time!
A technological trigger of everlasting Love!

Some day, I will find these words again, some how,
Not as this self, but some other in time;
I will read them and cry as they touch my heart so
And think, “Wow! What love is there in this
Beautiful Love Story!”
And “I will wonder if I will ever find
A love like that for me!”

It will remind me of Her, how I must find Her again,
That I won’t be fulfilled until She’s by my side
Just Her and I with no obstacles after all this time!
It’s not that I’m crazy
(‘Though I’ve had my moments this week!)
Or mean to my husband or my family
It’s just that Our Love is just what It is!

“How could it be”, you ask?
“I don’t believe it”, you say?
Ah, how else did We find each other this time
Across 8,000 kilometers, orientation and marriage,
With so little time together, but such a big Love?
She is not “just some woman” to me,
Easy to move on from, to “just get over”.

She is the Love of my Soul
The Heart in my heart
The Joy of my inner life
The Beauty in my eyes
The Song in my ears
The Breath in my lungs
The Hand in my hand

Oh, I have work to do in this life!
I must love here and now
Accept the unacceptable of this lifetime
Be in joy with all who are before me
Forgive what needs forgiving
So all obstacles that have kept Us apart
Will be cleared away for good

And Our Love will be unimpeded, finally!
Finally to be cherished and lived fully!
Divine Soul, I will do my part
Pruning the bonsai, in all its beauty,
Small but powerful,
Knowing it is the keeper of
Our eternal Soul Love ~


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Bonsai Love Across Time

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