Triumph of the Phoenix

Two Butterflies in a field one day
Settled on a flower.
Greetings shared
With open wings
And with a Soul Love power.

They flew together, side by side,
Among those scented flowers.
As friendship grew,
That Love–who knew?–
Had such transforming powers!

Soon powdered wings turned feathered,
A new strength had been spurred.
Higher, faster
Now They flew,
Turned into Hummingbirds.

Passion flowers fed the Two,
Hearts beating, synchronized.
Humming tunes of
Life long joy,
The Two were mesmerized.

Yet one more change awaited Them,
Not one they would have guessed.
Pure fires came,
Engulfed the Two
And put Their song to rest.

Yet from those ashes, two made One,
A Phoenix on the rise,
Carried forth a
Love reborn
Into Their future skies ~

One thought on “Triumph of the Phoenix

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