I Would Not Let the Bitter In

Bitter knocked upon my door
But I would not let her in.
She pushed the door right open
And I felt her cold, dark skin.

“You can’t come in,” I said aloud.
She responded with a grin,
“You’ll let me in, I’ll have my way,
And with me come my kin:
Sadness, Anger, Broken Heart,
You’ll let us all come in!”

I looked into her steely eyes
And knew the choice was mine:
Either close the door or join her,
And I was running out of time.

How hard I pushed upon that door
To block that Bitter’s hold!
I knew she didn’t match my Heart–
Not mine that I behold!

I slammed that door right good and hard,
I pushed with all my might;
I slowly felt the cold subside
‘Til Bitter was out of sight.

Inside my heart, the warmth and glow
Of Love poured fast through me,
Healing and restoring peace
As I breathed and let it be.

2 thoughts on “I Would Not Let the Bitter In

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