Tree Tunnels and Time Ladders

(Here is a little ditty I wrote last November 5, but never posted, for some reason. Who was that refreshing girl, and where did she go? I will find her again and let her have her joy once more, I promise my Soul that.)

Oh dear. There is nothing like colorful falling leaves to make me feel all dreamy.

Driving around town feels like being in a brightly colored cartoon. I have always loved what I call “tree tunnels”–a road with hovering leaves and branches that I drive through and feel completely embraced.

I also always feel so alone in autumn. So strange, isn’t it? Maybe it is the additional clouds, making everything damp and dark. Maybe it is the huge appreciation for the changing colors that feels bigger than what anyone else seems to see.

Maybe it’s the wonder I feel at time passing so quickly. I have always pictured a calendar year as going down a ladder, with December at the bottom. It is the end of the year.

Then January brings a bright new beginning! At the top of the ladder once again! Time for new commitments (let’s keep them this time!)! Time for new light, fresh air! To the top of the ladder! To the top of the world once again!

What are you thankful for about 2013? What blessings has it brought to you? What lessons has it provided?

A friend of mine calls them “blessons”–those challenges that make us stronger on the other side.

I have these blessons from this year:

My daughter is amazing. She has such a good head on her shoulders. She made it through a several month relationship with a boy this year (last relationship was with a girl–much more drama, believe me!). She comes into her own more and more as she defines who she is and what she wants from life. I am so proud of who she is.

My son has come up with some new challenges that we are looking into soon. He is so multi-talented! Creative and intelligent and kind and hilarious! But with those gifts come other issues. He certainly has it within him to fly! I will be working on my own patience.

And there is my husband, for whom I am grateful. We certainly have had our ups and downs, and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m up or down…but he’s a steady rock, for certain. God bless him.

My career has expanded and shows signs of expanding more. I am so grateful for opportunities to serve many people. I have to say that I am proud of myself for the steps I have taken toward my independence in the last several years. It has always been important to me, more than anything else.

(So I guess I am in the midst of a f√¢πing blesson.)

What are your blessons from 2013?

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