Mmmph Hmph Mm Hmmph hm Mmph hph

Mmmph Hmph Mm Hmmph hm Mmph hph

Please help me refrain from pestering Her until She responds to me!!!

(Click the photo if you need back story.)

Thank you. Now I have to go do my taxes. Good day.


3 thoughts on “Mmmph Hmph Mm Hmmph hm Mmph hph

  1. Your golgen butterfly isn’t flying oversea any more.
    She is also trying to live her live with her kids and grand kids, besides someone she met and dhe cares.
    From time to time she steps across your the street in front your house. Just to have a glance from you and your kids. Very soon your daughter in going to college and maybe away from home.
    Synchronicity is still alive between us.
    I sensed recently your calls, silente calls. And them the ” I know I shouldn’t but…”
    The whole week I sense you, and I was thinking about you too. Our Souls are connected, but our lifes in this timelife can not cross again. There is nothing that can be done to relieve our hearts but our souls commitment.
    Our Soul’s heart have a treat Anam Caras treat. But our Earth heart are now free to follow it’s own way. This is your free will and my own since october/2013. Divine Soul of my own one be happy. My soul love from eternity will always be with you, inside my heart as the most beautiful thing ever happened to me. (the first time I Saw you on Aranjuez -Thysus- at the sunset). I was a Sumerian at that time.
    Yes I still miss you. Colibri!

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