The Creation of Lilith, Revisited

3/3…Ta da! Last reblog and post for however long it takes…This is my favorite whimsical thing I have written. It came so easily…but, it’s a borrowed story, so why wouldn’t it?
Anyway, I was thinking…Since I won’t be posting here for a time, why don’t you all take a prompt or two here…For example, why don’t one of you write about love needing a thermostat, so when it gets too hot, we can turn it down, and when it gets too cold, we can turn it up, keeping it at around 80 F / 26.7 C (too hot for Her, just right for me). That way, instead of having an affair with someone or cutting them off altogether, you can adjust your love thermostat to just the right temperature so you don’t have to remove someone special from your life because your husband doesn’t ever want you to have any form of contact with them ever again, and you can instead maintain that wonderful friendship that gets created between two people who seem like twin souls dancing on the stars…Yeah…why don’t you write about that?
Or, here’s another one to think about, a bit more profound and esoteric than the above prompt: Why not write about how when we are so micro-focused on one person, it is like looking at the world through a pinhole, seeing only a small bit of the universe; but as we expand that love to all of humanity, that pinhole opens like a sphincter to let light and love shine fully in both directions…I’m sure one of you can expand beautifully on that.
I’ll be waiting to read what you come up with! In the meantime, I will be quiet. Enjoy this silly story, a familiar one…with a twist…


(Inspired by this past week, reconnecting with Her and cracking a rib in the midst of it. Both really hurt.)

Then God looked around and saw what He created. And He said that it was good.

But after a while of watching the wild things hunt, eat and procreate, God became bored.

From the dust and the dirt, He created Adam, and He called Adam good enough.

Adam wandered the meadows and the hills quite aimlessly, not knowing what to do.

God saw this and felt great love for His creation and said, “My son, I see that you are not quite knowing what to do with yourself. I shall give you a companion who will be different from you, that you shall together be entertained by those differences, complimenting each other for all your days together.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” replied Adam.

“Just one thing, I shall create your…

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7 thoughts on “The Creation of Lilith, Revisited

    • Every word from You,
      My Darling,
      Melts my heart,
      Hides my breath,
      Redirects any thought
      Towards You

      It is as if
      My soul has been programmed
      Like a robot in
      A science fiction movie
      With one mission
      To find You
      And return You
      To Your rightful place
      With me

      Then the robot dies
      With the final words,
      Reverberating from his
      Electrically charged heart,
      “Mission accomplished” ~

  1. This made me smile so much – this amusing reworking of the Lilith story. really charming Beijas! I will be waiting to hear more of your stories, I will want to know what becomes of the woman you are becoming, the woman you are making of yourself, the path you carve out for yourself on the way to your future.

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