I Promise I Won’t Forget

I Promise I Won't Forget

I posted this for Her today.
She asked me if I would forget!
Can you believe that?
An entire blog dedicated to Her!
Who else have I done this for?
No one!
A heart that continues to burn for Her!
A stomach that aches with missing Her!
Only fleeting distractions ease this momentarily

No, Beloved Woman.
I will never, ever forget.
Not Your smile,
Nor Your laugh, especially when you chuckle lightly so your sister doesn’t hear You from the next room
Not Your hands, warm and strong that I’ve written about a hundred times by now!
Not Your touch that dances on my skin–from lips to cheeks to breast and back again
Not Your deep voice, reassuring me so many times
Not Your green eyes, so filled with love
Not Our hours of talking and laughing together so many miles away!
Not waking to Your delightful kisses on Our shared mornings in Your illumined bedroom, birds singing outside the window

How could I forget, when there is barely any space left in me that is not filled with You?

I wrote another post today,
Waiting patiently in my drafts folder,
Vowing to take a break from this space
That is filled with Her,
My love for Her

Sometimes I go back and look at all that I have written
And see that nothing changed over the months
Except that my respect for Her
And myself
Grew and grew and grew

How could I forget Someone Who helped me with that?

A circle of love is written here
Coming and going
Running and hiding
And coming back again
Stronger than before

And it is all for You
Even the silly poems that seem to have nothing to do with You
Have everything to do with You
Because this is Your space, not mine
And You will always be alive here
Dancing between the words
Laughing at my ridiculousness
Seeing through me at all times
Waiting patiently for me to settle down
And love You again

I don’t have to promise
That I won’t forget You
I just say it
And it is so


7 thoughts on “I Promise I Won’t Forget

    • Thanks…Her response shocked me into emotion overload, but I am ok again this morning. Hope you are well–thinking of you every day! Big hug to you, too.

    • Ah, thanks…I know you are testing my resolve not to write for a while, since it only reminds me of Her all the more…I will try to be strong. 😉 Thanks again and again!

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