My Mind Has Two Faces

My mind has two faces…

One is present in my body.

The other is 8000 kilometers away.

One bears the responsibility of children, career, wife and home.

The other so easily forgets.

One is sensible and thinks through her decisions, her feelings.

The other thinks with the heart of her skin.

One knows how much she has hurt him.

The other knows how much she has hurt Her.

Both sides just hurt.

One side anticipates all the talking he will be doing upon her arrival home.

The other checks and checks and checks email for any signs of Her,

knowing that there will be none.

One side is irritable and quick tempered today.

The other withdrawn, shut down, and thinking far too much.

One side tries to comfort the other.

The other side will have nothing to do with it.

One side is where I know I belong.

The other side is where I am.

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