A Slew of Self Pity (Just Sayin’)

The drive home is less than ten hours, but road construction and anxious traveling dog issues added hours to the drive.

(As an aside, I have awakened sympathy for Mitt Romney and the whole dog-in-crate-on-the-top-of-the-familymobile situation…)

Long stretches of highway provide far too much time to think. I was an asshole to Her and haven’t heard from Her since the whole “Conscience Found Her Voice” post. I don’t blame Her. She is a Beautiful Person, and deserves to be cherished–something I can do only silently and from a distance.

I noticed as I was thinking of Her, I felt as though my heart was gasping for air. Several times throughout the day, I had to deliberately make myself breathe.

Maybe it’s good if She hates me now. It seemed bound to happen…god, when is that ever a good thing, except with obnoxious neighbors and dysfunctional relatives?


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