The Spider’s Dance


Today I watched a simple spider
Dance upon the water blue
In love with his reflection,
Enamored with he knew not who

He fed his beloved his freshest catch
And promised her forever
To dance upon the river’s edge

And create their dreams together

Leg to leg (times eight, my friend!)
They danced the whole night through
Waves of locust symphony
Synchronized the two

When morning came, the spider said
“Please, come into my parlor.”
But as he lead her toward his abode,
She vanished in the water!

9 thoughts on “The Spider’s Dance

    • Thanks, N.E.! I just saw your comment. It did feel a bit like something I would have read in one of my grandparents’ book of poems for children when I was a child. Thanks for sharing it with your followers! All the best ~

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