I Didn’t Write This

Oh, I was so strong today!
Overcome by a wave of missing adorable Her,
My emotions rising like lava in a volcano
(She would say)
I wanted to come here and post Her a poem
Telling you all how much I was missing Her today

But I didn’t!

I was so strong!
I didn’t come here and write about Her,
How I could feel Her warm kisses on my lips and neck
How I could feel my hand on Her waist, pulling her close
How during my meetings at work I imagined Her
In the chair next to me with that smile of Hers
And Her looking at me with those knowing eyes
That I could not help but lean forward to kiss Her!

I didn’t rush to my computer and write all these images
Describing the feel of Her lips on mine
How much I miss them and the rest of Her too
I didn’t write about Her sexy deep voice
Or Her laugh that fills me with delight
Or waking to Her kisses or Her breath on my skin
Or holding Her hand for a three hour ride
Or turning off the movie to instead be kissing

I didn’t! I was so strong!

I pushed all those ideas right out of my head
I focused on my work and ignored the pangs
In my stomach and heart and right through my arms
That still long to hold Her tightly to me.

Yes, I was so strong today!
So strong.

Er, yeah…I was…strong…Image


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Write This

  1. Every morning the hummingbird flys to the sweet water pote tha hungs on my Varanda. It is so colorful, alive and vibrant in wings. He is impatient and never stops flying from don’t konw where do my door and back to the don’t know where. Some times I envy him, energetic, healthy, strong and Free… So I let myself fly with him to the Place I know where I feel as free as him itself, where I let myself be me, the only me I know as Me. And this place is so nice, so confortable, so caring… I call it My Valley, it is the place down the mountain, where the sun light comes in between the trees to enlighten the ground and bring some warm to me. There I can write what I sense and say what I feel about missing from her. Where God reaches me, or I reach Him asking him to bring peace to my heart and strength to her to stand with all she wants to preserve. All nights I think about the nights, that were so few, that we had to talk and be with each other. I miss to chat with her about things of routine life, and know how her kids are doing and sharing with her. How she is loved by their ones. This make me feel happy because she is doing what she decided she would do for her family. But synchronicity is a link between us and even knowing all the above I told, I still can feel when her heart is aching, when despair comes to her body, and I suffer with her, even she don’t dare to say or write about what she is feeling.

    • If I write, I just love and miss you more. Your words breathed fresh air into my heart. I miss you so so so much, talking with you about everyday things, hearing about your new adventures, seeing your beautiful face. I am sorry when my suffering makes its way to you. I am holding you close to me, even if I try not to, or don’t want to talk about it. As ever ~

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