Just a Drop of Love ~

Beautiful, Wise, Courageous,

Beloved, Compassionate Soul!

Como eu te amo!


Indeed, the “second force”

Arises in my heart and stomach!

That ancient fear of losing you

In my emotions

I am pulled by that fear

Fear of losing my true love

Fear of losing my beloved friend


Ah, breathe, breathe, breathe

And clear the emotions from my head

Then I can see

I was not invited into that room

A room filled with souls who love you

Whom you are serving and loving in return

My house was outside

A beautiful home

Big and stable


Our temporary space

For all its joy and love

Was not built for this time

Above the ground

Exposed to the elements

Of time, distance, others


It is selfish of me

To keep you from yours

And me from mine

That is how I will reason

My way through this grief

Coming in waves right through my heart

Sometimes lifting me to see 

The entire ocean of Divine Love

Other times nearly drowning me

In the emptiness of my heart


I won’t be impulsive

I won’t let myself drown

I will take this on with courage

My biggest fear is not

That you would stop loving me

But that you might forget

How much I love you


Please, if ever you feel

For a single moment

That I have forgotten you

Just send me a whisper

And I will be here

To set you straight

Just a drop of love

To soothe that call

That will be answered again

In time ~


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