Someone Else’s Sun

Someone Else's Sun

[On the days I feel silly, I can also be quite sad. It is not a mental disorder. It is requited love that can no longer be requited.

She called me on it today, after my earlier silly poem. She always knows. “You are disguising what you are really feeling. I can sense it,” She said. Of course She was right. She always is.

So, for tonight, one more post before bed (alas, my bed, not Hers…and for sleep…). This photo is calling for it. Why does it remind me of Her and me? Ah, it is how my heart is feeling tonight, missing Her so much.

So, one more for tonight. Don’t worry. Today was my day home from work. I don’t usually post this often, nor this morosely (do I?)…Enjoy.]

Empty of the vibrancy of hope
The joy of remembrance
Falls all around me
I can sense the faint smells
Of Her beautiful, soft skin
Once love curled around
Petals of delight
Waves of passion drawing closer
The center of two hearts
Carving love in stone
From mere whispers across oceans
We reached a shore
That was not Our home,
Not Our own
It belonged
To someone else’s sun

5 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Sun

  1. Petals just flow with the wind
    Reaching new lands while
    Shells stay on the sand
    Sometimes are taken
    by the ocean waves
    Returning to home
    Against their will.
    To return home
    Just “a let it be”
    Because Wave
    Are easy to face
    they come and go
    If you don’t fight them
    They cause you no harm
    No harm on your shape, your Persona
    But them You miss the petals that was around
    And you start to feel an inner wave of missing feelings
    Bigger than the ocean waves that reach the shores
    Those are your real being, your wish to live
    These can drawn you into “comfortable socially accepted” sadness
    Inside you feelings of rage and impotence coming in short
    But strong waves, devastating waves that you have to deal with.
    They keep you in a wilderness land inside you, arid land
    And you do not show it to nobody, but to her!
    You want the flower to be near to calm the feelings
    You feel inside, in the innermost of your Soul
    But there is no more flower but petals
    That wind blows away, leaving them
    Unable to give you any help
    There is nothing petals can do
    To transform your wishes
    They are yours
    Your decision has nothing
    That she can do.
    She is calm
    Sad, yes!
    But calmly
    Flying in
    The wind
    The breeze
    Sent by God
    To take her away
    of the empty Shells
    Till them can find their real way.
    With to much love

    • My Sweet Beloved, You have described me perfectly again! Yes, the anger comes up with the longing, feeling trapped–by my own decisions? Yes and no–the decisions of a soul before she landed here, but not by the one who now walks in these shoes. I want to let you be, but I am afraid of losing you again.

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