The Vast Narrow Gaping Closeness

The Vast Narrow Gaping Closeness

What word describes Us?

Meaning both
to cling to, or
to remain faithful;
And to part or split,
especially along a natural line
of division

Ah, damn.
I was hoping for
Other words, like
Forever, always,
This is how my heart sees You
But this life disagrees


4 thoughts on “The Vast Narrow Gaping Closeness

  1. When you can not swim, just be quiet and float.
    In what sense?
    To make some room to us?
    Maybe, Yes We could try…
    Impossible to go away!
    With a simple waving hands…
    You mean to much to me
    As I mean a lot to you too!
    It is clear and it is written
    Anam Caras!
    Symbols and symbolic gestures
    I made the heart in Silver
    I made it cleaved in two parts
    One to you Anam : Love
    The other to me Cara: Soul
    To be united After my death.
    Ah it was so clear…
    I did not get the meaning
    At once, just now
    That I am here thinking of you
    Grieving my love to you.
    So many synchronicity
    I can feel you crying,
    just now when I am grieving
    I do not want you to cry!
    I dont want to make you suffer
    And I would like to not suffer too.
    Can we make the grieve together
    Yes If one of us was not so in love
    To the other as we are.
    Oh God! I miss talk to you.
    You said to be faithful!
    To whom, where, when
    Is it to be possible
    To love two people
    At the same time
    Maybe, Love is always a mistery…
    I am thinking about you
    I am missing you
    I am hugging you

    • Sim, obrigado, Alma Divina.
      Você significa o mundo para mim,
      Você sempre será.
      Eu vou compartilhar com vocês,
      Dentro do meu coração,
      Até o dia em que são
      Capaz de falar juntos novamente.
      Alma Amada,
      Alegria do meu coração,
      Eu te amo.

      • I wrote you this early morning day, (2 am or almost) And told you my process of understanding all that was going on inside me, and what was your part on all that.
        Needless to repeat it here, just to say to you I am grateful to you to help me reaching it , as sometimes I helped you too. And say to you that I miss talking to you are you ready to do it?

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