A Cry Across Ages

A Cry Across Ages

When will the days of sun
Outweigh dark, starless nights?

The day is filled with the Universe
While the night hides me in a box

The sun is warm and expansive
But the moon shrivels in coldness

On a clear day I can see forever
In the dark, I only feel me


One thought on “A Cry Across Ages

  1. I cant mark Like. Cause the sadness is clear, just can say beautiful Poem, showing your Soul on your words.
    What I am oh say My princess?
    Once I suffer from the same malady?
    Just that I feel better at night
    Under the Moon light
    Covering the forest with its silver light
    Reflecting it image in the pond
    Where my eyes I rest and dream?
    In the day light
    There are too much noise
    Here in the big city
    Under the Ecuador line
    Now the winter breeze blows
    Even under a full sun shining.
    There is no poetry
    In a city of blocks and bricks
    Asphalt and buses and trucks and cars
    The air is filled with noise and pollution.
    At night, at least,
    I can dream with you
    In the silence of my home
    Looking the full moon
    Reflecting the warmth
    Of your heart filled with sun
    From 5500 miles away.

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