I Dream You Are My Neighbor

I Dream You Are My Neighbor

If You were my neighbor, my Darling,
I’d visit You every day
Arrive at Your door
With tea and fresh flowers
Greeting You with a smile
And a twinkle in my eye

I have dreamed of nothing else
As much as I’ve dreamed of You
Sharing Our stories, Our interests,
Our kisses, Our innermost thoughts,
Our warmth, hearts and Souls!
Ah yes, the best dreams of all time!

My dreams of You disappear me
From the concrete world I live in each day
I grieve with You this door between Us
Jammed (emperrado!)–not quite open, but neither closed
My heart reaches to hold You forever
Beyond the door of lifetimes that will someday let Us through!


3 thoughts on “I Dream You Are My Neighbor

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  2. The Day you will come for Breakfast

    Ah My dearest Soul
    Welcome to my home!
    This morning you were in my thoughts,
    As you have being in all mornings, all days.
    How nice the flowers you brought
    To compose our breakfast.
    And the moments we can stay
    Seated here hands in hands
    Listening to the birds
    And the silence of our Souls.
    There is no need to words
    To express our feelings,
    They can be read through
    Our shining eyes
    The smile in our mouths.
    The warmth of our lips
    Touching our faces and skin.
    Even when we are far away,
    The distance seems not be so real
    Because our thoughts can
    Reach our hearts
    As if we were very, very close.
    /As if our Souls could not be
    Away from each other
    For nothing in this world.
    Come and enter my house
    Be my guest for the day
    And for my whole life
    But come free from heart
    Having any pending relation
    Which can cause you harm or suffering
    Come as free as I am
    To be yours to the eternity!

  3. This is the most beautiful thing you have written, in my heart’s perspective. I love you. Thank you for your compassion and understanding. I want to be free from this anxiousness, but sometimes I think it protects not just me, but the others in my life. I don’t know what is in our future for certain, but I do know I love you ~

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