From Your Veranda

From Your Veranda

From Your veranda
I can see Our dreams fulfilled
Me by Your side
Looking over the courtyard
With tropical plants and flowers
Into the busy city
Warm and sunny
Bustling with people
Minding their own business
While You are the business
I mind

5 thoughts on “From Your Veranda

  1. My dear, My Divine Soul
    Ah! So dear to me
    My “varanda” miss you
    I miss you.
    I miss that passway through the lake
    Where once we were
    Wondering about
    The days that would come
    We had dreamed
    We had wished
    That it could Last
    At least This time it could last
    But we are compromised
    With our principles
    With our values
    With what we respect…
    But would them would have
    The same respect with us
    If they were in our Shoes?
    Are we wanting too much?
    I have no answer to it
    Only the feeling of tiredness
    Only the feeling that we deserve
    We deserve living it, absolutly.
    Too much risk?
    Yes, and yes I know and understand…
    But I love You with do not regrets
    They have been so few in my live
    “Too few to be mentioned”
    All I did I did with love
    “I did it my way…”

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