My Queen, Love’s Blossom

My Queen, Love's Blossom

We had an image in our hearts
Of the true love we sought.
We saw the bud
And thought it was the blossom.

Time will allow the healing sun
And refreshing rain to feed
The grand love we share
The flower–how much more beautiful it will be!

Because it will belong to us,
Two souls searching,
Finding, losing,
Searching and finding again!

Love’s blossom worth waiting for ~

4 thoughts on “My Queen, Love’s Blossom

  1. So many moments I lived
    Waiting for the blossom you are.
    So many incarnations we were so close
    So in love
    And so many times the wind came
    And took you away from me!
    I cant say that you did nothing
    To prevent it to have happened,
    Circunstances, imaturity, vanity or even jealousy
    From both of us, your and my part
    Allowed it happened.
    This time I am mature, maybe too mature
    And now I am starting to become tired
    From running from my feelings
    My time had become short
    I feel this in my skin,
    In my heart,
    In my Soul.
    I see so many barriers
    But they had have been there too.
    In almost all the times, as well as your circles.
    I can not fight this ghosts anymore!
    I have no energy,
    On the other hand,
    My heart still loves your Soul
    Still loves your heart,
    Still loves You!

      • Spring and Love.

        I will Love you too!
        Even knowing it and
        Even assuring it to myself,
        This time my heart miss
        Your heart beating fast
        Against my chest.
        Your green eyes telling me
        How much you love me!
        Your delicate hands caressing my face
        The sound of your voice
        Whispering in my ears
        Love words and my name.
        Even knowing and saying you
        How much I love you, too
        And how impossible is
        To be together in this time life
        I miss you So, so, so much.
        That I took the day
        To see so many photos
        I took from you when
        Spring came last year,
        And we were together,
        To see the blasting Nature in love
        Allowing the Magnolias to blossom
        Arising once and again in a explosion
        Of intense colors, from white to dark rose,
        To celebrate the beautiful love we share.

        Good night my dear and divine Soul!
        Today and all nights…
        Good morning my angel butterfly
        Tomorrow and all mornings to come
        When I will be sending you a Kiss
        In the meddle of your Heart
        For the rest of my present life!

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