Pouring My Heart

Pouring My Heart

All I want to do is call you
Cry to you
Beg you
Share with you all the love
That pours from my heart

How foolish of me
How embarrassing
How weak
How I miss you already!
How in love I am with You

2 thoughts on “Pouring My Heart

  1. Argh!!! Don’t you hate that!!! I want to cut off my hands when I get those urges but I would probably dial with my nose. At work I used to leave my cell in the car so I wouldn’t get the urge to call…I feel you

    • ahahahha! Yes! I was considering duct tape, but when I finally calm down, it would suck to get it off…So, I wrote about it here to let some of the energy out of it. So far, well, I suck at self-control, so I might be talking with Her tonight…Some things just defy logic and common sense…

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