Very Best Friend

Light of my Soul,

Very Best Friend,

Joy of my Heart

Beauty of to my Eyes,

I have pulled apart

the curtains of my heart,

Allowing You inside,

A Welcome Guest

Who has never left.

You know me.

There is no hiding from You.

Why would I want to?

Whay would I need to?

You are engulfing safety, warmth, purity.

How natural for my heart

To make my body want to

Hold you close to me!

A natural extension

Of this depth of love We share.

You are my Very Best Friend

In every cell of my body

In every thought in my mind

In every emotion pulsing through me

In my eternal Soul.


2 thoughts on “Very Best Friend

  1. I hear and feel your pain. As, much as we all try and not cause pain it does and will happen. I think, and you can of course disagree, but I think beginning each day with the intent to cause harm and to remain aware of what motivates our actions is far more powerful and realistic then to vow to never cause harm. Ideally, no one would ever cause harm to another person but it happens. Honesty, love, openness, timing and being present all play an intricate role in relationships and what path they take. Follow your heart, be authentic to yourself and the people who love you for who you are will be right there standing beside you, cheering you on in their own way.

    This is your journey and it’s okay to redefine what that looks like alone the way.

    Good luck at the meeting!

  2. Thank you for your kind and supportive comment. Neither of Us meant harm to anyone. We simply fell in love. I could never before have imagined loving two people so much. Yet, here I am.The meeting went okay, even with my preoccupation. I teared up a couple times, but caught myself. Thanks again!

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