What Have You Done to Be So Strong?

How many lifetimes will I have to be kept from You?

How can such a pattern continue

Without tearing me apart?

The aching of my heart one more time

Will be the death of me!


How can being satisfied by You—

Your touch, Your voice, Your smile,

Your arms, Your laughter, Your kisses—

Not be the most right thing to do?


Where does this longing come from,

And why can’t it leave me be

So I can leave You be

To live with the peace that is Yours?


I am so sorry.

Sorry to pull on You again.

I want You to tell me to go away

So at least this release can be powered

By a pain other than longing.


No life has left me without You

Stirring in my heart, mind and Soul.

I know this is true because I feel all of it,

Every moment of missing You, as if

It were moments ago that I was pulled from You again!


What will end it? Can You tell me?

Have You found peace with what is?

Do You still feel I was wrong?

Do You still wait for me to change my mind?

Are You peaceful without me? Have You found it within?


How I judged Romeo and Juliet for their foolish love,

Driving them to stupid endings.

I won’t be stupid,

But I now understand

Running from the pain of longing.


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