Releasing the Thread to the Golden World

I don’t want to let You go.

You are a treasure in my heart.


It’s as if I were poor

And for a short time

I peeked into a life

With a million dollars,

Golden rainbows,

Twenty four hour sunshine.


But I could not stay

Because it didn’t belong to me.

It wasn’t in the contract 

My soul made with this world.

I could only look through the window

And pretend I lived there.


A breath of fresh air

Moments of joy.

Closing this door

Makes me fear that

I would never feel

Such joy, such love

Ever again.


I have held onto a thread

Hoping You would feel the tension

As I tried to pull myself

Closer to You,

Climbing back into that world

Your golden treasure.


Do You feel it?

Do You know what I am feeling,

As You always did?

I won’t bother You much longer.

I just needed one more look,

One more touch.


Je t’aime.

Je t’adore.



Au revoir, belle femme, belle âme,

Minha doce beija-flor ~


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